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Load Rite LR-AB28T8400102LTB2

Load Rite’s AB bunk tube system provides the most adjustability and the best support of any bunk design on the market today, thoughtfully designed with space between the front and rear bunks to accommodate sling loading.  Adjustable vertically and horizontally, the bunks provide far better support than traditional solid wood bunks.  Target bunks on tandem and triaxle models provide an extra measure of fit and precaution when loading at the ramp. All of these features are backed by the industry leading Load Rite 2 + 3 Warranty. This LR-AB28T8400102LTB2 has a 8400 lbs carrying capacity, 9918 lbs GVWR, with a bow eye to transom range of 22'3" to 26'3". Need financing? Apply here!

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